Puzzle Automatic Training Feeder, pet Toys, Fun Tumbler Miss-Feeding Ball

The internal maze-like dampers make it difficult and time-consuming for a pet to hunt, as each retail item has to go through several obstacles before it finally appears on the pet's mouth. Adjustable movable tabs allow the toy to fit more snacks and dry pet food, while controlling the speed and difficulty of food flow.

Open the top cover can be filled with snacks, you and your pet in the interactive process can be added at any time, very convenient! The large, rounded top cover makes it more comfortable to open and avoids damage to toys or pets due to pet biting habits. With three air vents on the top, the pet's sensitive nose can easily smell what he wants to eat

Please follow the icon on the product to disassemble the toy. We only need to disassemble the bottom part in the case of cleaning, so it is very convenient to use!

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